Business Consulting Interventions

Mindskills Team with a collective experience of over 50 plus years into varied segments including Automotive, FMCD, FMCG, Industrial Goods etc.. helps business and teams attain peak performances through strategic and operational corporate Insights. We do workshops for Mission / Vision and Business Process Clarifications and strategic interventions.

Skills and Process Training

Mindskills offers various skill based training for Sales and Service teams including Basic Selling Skills , Negotiation Skills, Managerial Skills Program. All Programs focus on Skills Development of the team towards attaining better success. Our Process Based Initiatives include Strategic Key Account Management, Time Management & Efficiency in a Wired World Program.

Motivations and Behavioral Program

Includes NLP, Mindfulness Workshops and various personal motivation programs including Inner Strength program. Do write or contact us for a free Pre-Consulting Need Identification session with your senior team to develop a customized program based on your training needs.

DATA Mining Workshop for non computer professional

We have recently configured a training program titled ”DATA MINING FOR NON COMPUTER PROFESSIONALS” which will be eye opener for the people who are not using Technology and Data to peak their performance in the respective functional areas.Data Mining is not the extraction of data itself but extraction of patterns and knowledge from large of amount of data. Knowing where to focus in a system makes the difference. Following topics will be covered during the training programs.

  • Learning to Learn
  • Data
  • Big Data
  • Pattern Detection
  • System Blindness
  • Making invisible system palpable
  • Thinking fast and slow
  • Different types of thinking
  • Thinkning Associatively
  • Thinking Metaphorically
  • Statistical thinking and informed Intuition
  • Introduction to Mind Mapping
  • Body,Mind and Brain
  • How to use technology as a coach to provide real time guidance
  • How to transform eReferees into eCoaches
  • How to use Data as a sixth sense
  • Automatic bottom response and top down reasoning
  • Understanding difference between the system implementation and system dynamics to solve problems


“Place for everything and everything in its place.A time for everything and everything in its time.That is about getting organized.”

We specializes in conducting Wellness workshop titled “Day Sculpting” - encompassing:
  1. Triangle of wellbeing –Mind, Brain and Relationship
  2. Conversational Intelligence
  3. The power of Habit and how to change
  4. Nurturing your natural and Multiple Intelligences
  5. How exercise will improve the performance of your brain
  6. Stress Management
  7. Health Management
  8. Invoking Intelligence to heal
  9. How to bring in your routine the experiences which does not feel good but good for you and others and serves the greater good.



It is new , innovative and scientific concept to activate mid brain which is located between left & right brain. The midbrain is a small region of the brain that serves as a relay center for visual , auditory and motor system. The midbrain being responsible for eye and body movement as well as auditory senses and vision. Research shows that this part of the brain is linked to our memory. The development of neuro- science and behavioural understanding has accelerated over the past twenty years.