Why My Home Fitness

Difference you can count on

How can we guarantee your success when so many other programs you have tried have failed? Because My Home Fitness workout program is an incredible, interval-style circuit program that is a combination of applied exercise science and many years of practical experience, proven by thousands of successful weight-loss clients. It will literally melt off that stubborn body fat in minutes a day.

We have designed the My Home Fitness workout program so you can burn the maximum amount of calories and body fat in the minimum amount of time. Losing body fat is about two things: burning the maximum amount of calories and body fat DURING your workout, and forcing your body to burn the maximum amount of calories and body fat AFTER your workout. With the My Home Fitness workout, you will burn far more calories and body fat during your workout than with any other weight-training, cardio, or aerobics program out there. More calories than spin, more than step, more than any traditional cardio program.

And here is the kicker: your body will continue to burn body fat and calories at an accelerated rate for the next twenty-four to thirty-six hours after your workout. In fact, research* indicates that over any given period of time it is possible for you to burn TEN TIMES more body fat with our My Home Fitness interval-style circuits than with many traditional exercise programs.

What makes My Home Fitness program better?

You will train every major muscle in the body during every workout with resistance so you get maximum muscle toning and shaping. At the same time we will be providing you with an awesome aerobic and cardio workout. This workout provides maximum metabolic impact for calorie burning and fat loss. No more hours of weight training, and then more tedious hours on the treadmill. You get all this in twenty minutes a day with the My Home Fitness workout. This is what we call “work density.” You are getting the equivalent of a two-hour workout in only twenty minutes. This is a huge metabolic hit.

Why is it so important to weight train and address your muscular system? Because muscles are where we burn calories and body fat. This is what your body’s metabolism is all about. We burn body fat by building muscle. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you are going to get big and look like the Incredible Hulk. Instead, you will lose inches all over your body. Over time, while you are building muscle, you will become a more fit, harder package with a higher metabolism.

We don’t want to workout with the old, slow weight lifting methods where we burn very little calories during our workouts. This is because we have to wait for a long time as we slowly build muscle while our metabolism begins to ramp up. We want maximum calorie and fat burning during our muscle-toning circuits. This is what we call maximum muscle building with maximum metabolic impact. The more muscles that we’re working during an exercise means the more calories and body fat we can burn, which is why we need to train every muscle during each workout. So almost everything you have heard about weight training or cardio for weight loss is wrong.

Cardio only involves the legs, whereas traditional weight training is all about specific body parts. It’s arm day or chest day or back day, and meanwhile you don’t burn many calories or body fat this way. Why does doing an abdominal workout fail miserably at giving us flat stomachs and six-pack abs? Because it only involves the abs. It doesn’t effectively burn calories or body fat. Most of these exercises are typically performed sitting or lying down and you won’t burn calories or body fat this way either. You will not achieve your fat-burning goals this way. But hidden somewhere under all that flab are the great abs you’re developing. You must burn fat to be able to achieve the body you desire. The My Home Fitness program is exactly the solution you’ve been searching for.