About MindSkills

Mindskills Corporate Consultancy & training was conceptualized and setup in the year 2013 by a setup by professionals from Information Technology and Training world who believed in thinking differently and to challenge the status quo. The way we challenege the status quo is by designing and developing training products which are simple to use ,cost effective and domain independent

Mind Skills Coaching Design aims to improve an organization’s effectiveness and members well-being through the application of Brain science concepts and use of spirituality to bring out hidden skills of employees through SELF Awareness. We Provides intervention strategies to improve individual and group performance

Mind Skills specializes in imparting professional training to understand how your own brain gives rise to your thinking, feelings and behaviors and how it affects your relationship with others.

Shhankar Ganesh

 MY BELIEF   “I believe that prescription for Happiness is love and work. The quality of life depends on two factors: how we experience work, and our relations with other people. My ambition is to develop, Improve and apply a training methodology that will help every individual to achieve Peak performance in their work and manage relationship with every human being” Passion to touch and improve lives of people worldwide through corporate spirituality   .